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06-02-27 Paper 1 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker History...

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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker History 1000: The West Prof. Hamlin 27 February 2006 The Enlightenment: Age of Reason The Enlightenment was a time period when the trends in thought throughout Europe were changing in the 18 th century. Before the time of the French Revolution, various thinkers changed the way people thought and made them realize why things were done. One such German thinker was Immanuel Kant, whose ideas helped to define the Age of Enlightenment, as it became known. His famous saying, “Sapere aude,” meaning “dare to know,” expressed his three important points about reason, discussion, and universality of humans and became the motto of the Enlightenment. Immanuel Kant believed that freedom was a necessary quality to become enlightened. It is important that people formulate their own ideas based on their sole beliefs. The truth can only be found by one’s self, whether it be religious beliefs or legislative beliefs. This would be the moral thing to do and Kant was all about morals and truth. Kant’s philosophy was known as critical philosophy, in which he analyzed knowledge of facts. He taught about modes of thinking between empirical propositions and analytic propositions. His different ways of thinking taught Europeans of the 18 th century to find the truth under even the worst circumstances. Truth, as he told it, either is
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06-02-27 Paper 1 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker History...

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