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1 2588 Philosophy of Human Nature Prof. Peters 28 March 2006 Evil vs. Lesser Good Human beings commit wrongdoings for various reasons. Such wrongdoings, such as plagiarism, can have consequences that lead to punishment. As mentioned in his Confessions , Augustine believes that plagiarism is a type of wrongdoing that can be classified as a lesser good in the hierarchy of good. Socrates, in Plato’s Meno and Apology , thinks that wrongdoings are considered evil or a part of wickedness. He speaks of how human error causes this wrongdoing leading humans to commit these sinful and wicked acts. Both men, through their own experiences, share their stories to support their feelings and beliefs. Augustine believes that sin was the absence of good, but not the presence of evil. In trying to make an argument for universal human condition, Augustine uses his own experience, starting with the pear tree incident. “I wanted to carry out an act of theft and did so, driven by no kind of need other than my inner lack of any sense of or feeling for justice” ( Confessions 29). He didn’t care what would happen to him, as long as the wrongful act was committed successfully. Along with kids his age, Augustine stole fruit from a pear tree that had both a nasty taste as well as an ugly color. They would throw the pears to the pigs and not keep them for their own reward. Augustine’s “pleasure lay in doing what was not allowed” ( Confessions 29). The act of stealing the pears was not
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2 for their own benefit, but instead because they knew it was wrong but could get away
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06-03-28 Paper 1 - 1 2588 Philosophy of Human Nature Prof....

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