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Fuck David Hamlin2 - En-Equalty-Hman mnd and moralty r the...

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Unformatted text preview: En-Equalty-Hman mnd and moralty r the “same”-Scial Dstnctions r bad-There is a fndamntl samness to evry1Natral Law-A law laid out by God-Discovrble by reasn-Should be the foundtion 4 all laws Science an ReasnReasn is unversl-Possble 2 imprve yur sciety thru S&R-If u understand/control natre u cn imprve sciety Freedom-CRUCIAL to becming enlghtned-Wrst thng about authrity is tht people dn’t hve the chnce to devlop morals-If u r restrctd thn u cant sccssflly bcome enlghtnd-Effcts on Sciety-emphsis on indiv. Evry indiv. Has crtain rghts and sciety ws a result of ths. Fre Rev-Dvlopment of a new social systm based on each mmber of sciety bein lgally equal-Declrtion of Rghts of MnEvry1 is legaly equal-Reason is seen as the social glu liberlism-Indvduals hve a fndamntl En Cont– rght to lberty-Society cn’t frce u 2 do somthin tht is good for urself-Only can stop u from hrting othr ppl Nazsm/Fascsm-A backlash agenst Liberlsm-Blievd tht the basc promse of librlism had faild-Blievd tht the blief tht we are all the same is nt tru bc it isn’t fair to treat good ppl the same as bad...
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