06-05-04 Paper 3

06-05-04 Paper 3 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker West:...

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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker West: Enlightenment to Present Prof. Hamlin 4 May 2006 Goals of the National Socialists Like any political organization the National Socialists, or Nazis, set goals to dominate central and Eastern Europe while maintaining the German army at all costs. Hitler established objectives for the foreign policy of Nazism, including destroying the Versailles Treaty, colonizing Europe, and dominating racial inferiors. Knowing that this would cause another World War, he wanted to avoid having a reoccurrence of World War I in which the Germans were defeated by the United States. The ideology of the National Socialists led to one major view – war. This was the only way in which Germany could possibly make gains in land and throughout Europe in fulfilling their goals. At the end of the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles gave Germany complete responsibility for causing the war, making them pay heavy reparations while limiting their army’s size and power. The treaty hurt the Germans, both politically and economically. The terms of the treaty included the surrender of German colonies, heavy reparations, limitations on the German army and navy, and accepting Germany’s guilt in causing the war. 1 Nazi goals were aimed at destroying parts of the treaty that severely hurt them, while also surpassing their original state before the treaty. Their primary goal included living space. 2
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06-05-04 Paper 3 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker West:...

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