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Field Paper Assignment 2 - Mass Response

Field Paper Assignment 2 - Mass Response - 1 Benjamin...

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Benjamin Fornecker Great Christian Hymns Prof. Kubicki The Solemnity of Christ the King On Saturday, November 24 I attended 5:00PM mass at Our Lady of Pity on Staten Island, which I have been a member for most of my life. As Father Edwin Lanuevo processed into the church accompanied by just one altar server and Deacon Michael Venditto, the congregation sang “To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King” by M. B Hellriegel to the tune Ich Glaub An Gott. This celebration of mass was the 34 th Sunday in Ordinary Time, which could also be called the last Sunday in Ordinary Time and celebrated the solemnity of Jesus. As the congregation sang the lyrics, it brought everyone together because it was a well-known song in the parish. Most people were singing, making it easier to feel like a participant of the mass. The tune was not hard to grasp as it was in E Flat Major and the congregation could easily keep the beat. Hearing the song in unison by the congregation helped to welcome outsiders into the Church to praise and worship God. The congregation became one large family and close-knit community when the organist hit the first notes of the hymn. The processional song puts a strong emphasis on our salvation and thanks to Jesus, calling Him “Victor, Ruler, Lord, and Redeemer.”
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