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Benjamin Fornecker Close Reading and Critical Writing September 22, 2005 A Comment on Gina’s Uneasiness in Tessa Hadley’s The Card Trick Tessa Hadley’s short story The Card Trick displays Uneasiness in one character named Gina. This girl has moved in with Mamie, her mother’s friend, “and Gina was staying with her and her family for a fortnight” (318:1). At first, she is very uneasy due to the fact that she didn’t really know this family well, but after a while it becomes evident that she is not confident in herself and in the way she looks when around other people. “You really make me so ashamed” (319:2). Gina’s lack of confidence can be seen in many occasions when the family tries to make her part of their own. “If Gabriel turned the camera on Gina, she swiveled away” (320:1). She tried to follow other people’s morals as to how to live and how to feel confident: “trying to understand how one might possess oneself with such certainty, and
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Unformatted text preview: know so confidently how to live” (320:1). When the family would leave for the beach, she would stay home and remain the odd one out. This was, however, the only time that she could feel comfortable with herself – when everyone else wasn’t there. “She made herself comfortable with her bare legs up over the back of the … sofa” (323:4). This shows that she would be at ease if no one else was around. Gina could only be happy and content with herself if she was alone. It is uncertain as to why she is so timid, but healthiness begins in one’s mind. If she’s not happy with the way she looks now, she will never be happy enough if she were a supermodel. This “tall and overweight” (317:1) girl must realize that there is more to life than the way people look. It all starts with how you feel and that is the most important thing of all. (6 citations, 317 words)...
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