05-09-12 Revelations of Divine Love

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Benjamin Fornecker Faith and Critical Reason Julian, or the “Dame Julian” as she has also been referred to was a holy and religious recluse. She spent many of her years praying in solitude. Most of her writings focused on Christian mysticism and the Triune of God. She felt she was of divine origin and that she had a god-given duty to fulfill on earth. Her writings were very poetic and were focused on Scripture readings, particularly the readings of John. Her main focus was of Jesus’ humanity and the holy triune. She also alluded to the Mystery of the Trinity and wrote about the “three persons within God.” The First Person is God’s almighty power, the Second Person is God’s deep wisdom, and the Third Person is God’s great love and goodness. She felt as though God’s great works act dynamically to bestow nature, mercy, and grace to his followers.
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Unformatted text preview: She also believed that Christian mysticism was a way of life and the “oneing” was a way to be connected to Christ. The biggest concept of the Triune was when God works in the trinity, we as humans are as pure as possible. She felt that in order to reach our highest being we must believe in the Father God Almighty. Julian had such deep faith in God that she believed we would know nothing and would be unable to experience greatness without the grace of God. She felt that God’s knowledge is his most powerful attribute that he can offer to humans. In connection with the Trinity and God’s almighty power was a feeling that Motherhood is sacred and that the word mother is so sweet and so much its own that it cannot properly be used of anyone but him. In essence, motherhood means love and kindness, wisdom, knowledge, and goodness....
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