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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Professor Laitres Principles of Management 25 April 2007 A Manager’s Mistake Major Tool Works, Inc. is a company that deals with the selling of products to various consumers. Tom Brewster, a 20 year old man that is relatively new to the company, is promoted as an assistant product manager for a line of products that are new to him. Upon his entrance to the team his supervisor, the manager for his line of products, is called to a meeting by Nick Smith, a vice president of Major Tool Works, Inc. to plan and organize different marketing strategies. Unfortunately, Brewster’s supervisor is incapable of attending, so Jeff Reynolds, the director of marketing, invites Tom Brewster to the meeting in order to help him become more acquainted with his new line of products and job. At the start of the meeting, Jeff Reynolds briefly introduces Tom Brewster and Nick Smith, the vice president running the meeting, continues the meeting to the large group of employees while asking questions to different product managers who had no problem answering. During the meeting, he asks Brewster questions about his line of products, but Brewster cannot answer because he is new to the team. He quickly admits that he does not know the answers and is scolded in front of the entire group of people at the meeting. Realizing that the vice president is wrong in accusing Brewster, Reynolds must decide whether to point out that Smith is wrong in front of the entire group or give a
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Case Study Answer - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker...

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