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Roman History2 - Cuomo 1 Anthony Cuomo December 8 2006...

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Cuomo Anthony Cuomo December 8, 2006 Ancient Roman History Paper #2 Martin of Tours: The Powers of Faith Martin of Tours was a holy man who from a very young age knew exactly who he wanted to be: a man of faith in God. Sulpicius Severus depicts Martin as a God among men who was able to perform and act he wished. He could bring the dead back to life, control people, have power over nature and even dismiss the devil. In Early Christian Lives, six men’s biographies are compiled. All six of these men played important roles in the history of Christianity. One of these men, Martin of Tours, dedicated his life to the faith and throughout his time on Earth he was a soldier, a monk, a bishop and exorcist. Martin first realized his affection for Christianity and becoming a monk while being a soldier under his father. Martin of Tours performed countless miracles through his life while still denouncing all material wealth and changing for others’ pleasure. Martin had followers who continued his teachings after his death, but none ever performed as many miraculous healings and exorcisms. Prior to Martin’s conversion from Paganism to Christianity, he already possessed the qualities of a genuine person who was acting according to the way of God. He had an amazing affection for those who were less fortunate. “He supported those in trouble, he brought help to the wretched, he fed the poor, he clothed the naked and kept nothing of his military salary from himself apart from what he needed for food each day”(137). The following instance epitomized Martin’s purity and compassion. When he was a soldier in the middle of winter he came across a naked beggar and while only having the cloak he was wearing and a sword, he took off the cloak, cut it in half, and gave it to the beggar. Actions like these were the essence of Martin’s being. Martin would travel in the same manner as that 1
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Cuomo same day for the rest of his life. He would never dress fashionably or wear impressive clothing because he knew that the only being worth impressing is God and that was not done through material things, but through faith and helping others. Martin of Tours was a selfless man and throughout Severus’ biography he is praised as a divine entity. Before Martin’s faith and devotion to God influenced him to convert and perform miracles he began as a soldier. Martin started as a soldier in the “elite cavalry regiment under the emperor” at a young age. From this position it can be deduced that Martin was a strong soldier who knew how to fight as well as how to act appropriately. “He showed great kindness to his fellow soldiers, extraordinary love, superhuman patience and humility” (137). He had a gravitational pull that drew everyone in when they were around him for Severus states that the way Martin acted with others “bound all his fellow soldiers so closely to him that they adored him with extraordinary affection”(137). These characteristics enforce the fact that Martin knew how to
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Roman History2 - Cuomo 1 Anthony Cuomo December 8 2006...

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