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Fall of the Western Empire People in the city of Rome didn’t know what was going on with the changes in Rome. Romulus Augustus was the last emperor in Rome. Barbarian Groups - Asia – Hunds - North Africa – Vandels - Britain – Angles & Saxons - Spain – Visigoths - Visigoths – first invaded around 376-378 AD. A settlement was made between the Western Empire and the Visigoths, which lasted for 10 years. It contained the Visigoths and gave them what they wanted so that they would stop invading. A confident chief, Alaric of the Visigoths, came to power. He made demands on Constantinople for the Visigoths, which were reached. He decided to plunder the Balkans and Greece. He decided to seize Italy, but in 402 a general Silicho (a powerful general under Honorus) was able to make a deal through negotiations, which lasted 6 years until Silicho’s assassination in 408. The Visigoths decided to then invade and plunder Italy and sacked the city of Rome in 410. When the Visigoths sacked Rome, it was the 1
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