05-10-13 Take Home Test Genesis

05-10-13 Take Home Test Genesis - Fornecker 1 Benjamin...

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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Faith and Critical Reason Dr. Hinze October 13, 2005 Test 2 Part I 2) Genesis 2 and 3 is a story about the time just after creation starting with God resting on the seventh day of creation. This is the day that has become, for Christians, the Sabbath Day. On the sixth day of creation, God made “humankind in our image, according to our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). God brought these humans, Adam and Eve, into the world for the reason of making more humans just like them and multiplying the world by many people. God gave them the privilege of choosing to eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden, except for the one that he declared was forbidden. Their purpose was to be fruitful and multiply, but they lost track of this when the serpent decided to talk to them about eating from the forbidden tree. She told the serpent that she couldn’t eat from the tree or else she would die, as God informed her earlier. The serpent replied to her that if she ate from the tree, she would have the same powers as God, such as seeing good and evil in the world. She would be all knowing and all-powerful just as God is. After being deceived, she decided to give an apple to Adam to eat.
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Fornecker 2 The reader is supposed to believe that God is the One that knows everything about the world and has the power to do anything that He desires. He created us in His image and is the creator of man – not us. We can never be like Him, nor should we want to have His powers. The reader should feel as if they cannot be like God in any way and they should live
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05-10-13 Take Home Test Genesis - Fornecker 1 Benjamin...

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