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The West Prof. David Hamlin Final Exam Review Sheet Part I. Identification (50 pints) Fourteen of the following people, places, ideas, events will appear on the final exam. You will choose ten of them and give a paragraph for each outlining the place, time and significance of each. Each answer is worth five points and partial credit will be awarded. Rousseau Futurism Dada Liberalism Russian Revolution Einsatzgruppen Robespierre Karl Marx Treaty of Versailles Estates General First Industrial Revolution Vladimir Lenin Edmund Burke SS John Stuart Mill Railroads Autarky Sigmund Freud Warsaw Pact Weltpolitik Operation Barbarossa Romanticism Napoleon Bonaparte Otto von Bismarck Triple Entente Verdun Eugenics Hapsburg Empire
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Unformatted text preview: Cold War Emile Zola Declaration of the Rights of Man SPD Part II. Essays (50 points) Three of the essay questions below will appear on the exam. You will be asked to provide full and clear answers to two of the questions. 1. What are the ideals of the Enlightenment? How have these ideals influenced European history in the 19 th and 20 th centuries? 2. Why did the faith in human rationality come into doubt in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? 3. What were the consequences of industrialization? Was industrialization a net positive or negative development? 4. How did the Cold War and decolonization influence one another?...
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