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Benjamin Fornecker Close Reading and Critical Writing September 27, 2005 A Comment on the when “now” really is in Paul Muldoon’s Soccer Moms (35) Paul Muldoon’s Soccer Moms talks about different time periods throughout the poem. There are two instances where he mentions the word “now” which can be controversial as to when this really is. “While their daughters, themselves now tweenie girls…” (7) is the first time we are introduced to the time period to which Muldoon is referring. The second mentioning of the word is “may now be faintly likelier for a well- heeled…” (16). The poem obviously begins in 1962 and flashes back to this year. Gene Chandler was “topping the charts with ‘Duke of Earl’” (9) in the year 1962. Another fact about this year was when the “anti-Castro Cubans” (11) were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Both lines show the time period clearly in relaying facts about 1962, while
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Unformatted text preview: teaching a lesson about both music and history. “After forty years” (13) proves that “now” refers to the year 2002 since it was 1962 previously. This points out that forty years have passed and the century has changed along with many different facts. Muldoon’s mention of the “Bay of Pigs vet” (14) can refer to forty years after the actual events when it was revealed that the failure of the Bay of Pigs could have led to John F. Kennedy’s assassination due to prisoner negotiations. This information was actually recovered forty years after the Bay of Pigs. It is clear to see the two different timeframes that Muldoon refers to in his poem Soccer Moms . The two years, 1962 and 2002, are portrayed perfectly by the author. The poem is very concise and apparent by many of the author’s hidden facts....
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