BIO EXAM 2 review

BIO EXAM 2 review - BIO EXAM 2 Cytosol= fluid that...

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4 2 3 1 e- BIO EXAM 2 Cytosol= fluid that everything is suspended in, includes: Water Ions Molecules (ATP, proteins) -single celled organisms protected by a cell wall -plant cells have cell walls to be rigid, for structure -cell walls made of: Cellulose Pectin -humans don’t have cell walls b/c we have extracellular matrix, a thin film of proteins holding cells together Tissue- similar cells that perform a specific function Skin: epidermis- keratinocytes, melanocytes Dermis- hair cells, oil glands Hypodermis Also contains nerve cells and capillaries Keratinocytes divide and move outward, produce keratin Melanocytes produce melanin Glucose If blood glucose drops (miss a meal) the body can compensate It takes apart carbohydrates (carbs are necessary) Insulin helps move glucose into bloodstream and then into cells Insulin is naturally released before meals by the pancreas Insulin is a hormone Hormones
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Steroid- tell organs and tissues what to do Peptide- insulin, etc Diabetes= glucose in urine Type1: cells of immune system destroy pancreas, doesn’t produce insulin, genetic Type2: the effect of insulin is not correct, cells don’t recognize it Risk: American Indians, black, Hispanic, white Obesity Family history
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BIO EXAM 2 review - BIO EXAM 2 Cytosol= fluid that...

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