Golden History Report

Golden History Report - Anjali Jha Earth and Environmental...

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Anjali Jha Earth and Environmental Systems Lab Section LEA TA: JoAnne Huie Golden History Report In a little under two billion years the state of Colorado’s history has greatly expanded, more specifically, the history in and around Golden has made it what it is today. The city of Golden is thriving in geology and history, if you simply take the time to marvel at the numerous rock formations, the faults, lava beds and, of course, the mountains, you will realize how much the city has to offer. Come along, as we travel through time and take a tour into Golden, Colorado’s past and present! Walking along the pathways of the Idaho Springs Formations, due to the presence of a subduction zone, one can deduce the formation came about due to extremely high temperatures, roughly 1.7 billion years ago. As you pick up the rocks in the formation it is very easy to see the Idaho Springs Formations are made up of mostly gneiss, a foliated, metamorphic rock. Continuing along history road, we come across the Fountain Formations composed of conglomerates, a clastic, sedimentary rock. About 320 million years ago was when the Fountain Formations came into existence, leaving an unconformity of about 1.4 billion years between Idaho Springs Formation and the Fountain Formations. The large particle sizes and widespread nature of the formation show evidence of the Fountain Formations being almost certainly produced by an alluvial fan, which also demonstrates an uplift and erosion of the ancestral Rocky Mountains. Slowly walking down, on your left are the Lyons Formations, which came into
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Golden History Report - Anjali Jha Earth and Environmental...

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