Gardener (Poem)

Gardener (Poem) - becomes intoxicated with sweet perfumes...

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The Gardener As a cool breeze flows down the hillside, it hits the flowers slightly enough to make them dance in the sparkling sun; a sun that has just peaked between the valley. The flowers stand small, but possess shadows big enough to scare any sneaky prowler away. The gardener rests onto the backs of her legs and with soil so lush she sinks in. She
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Unformatted text preview: becomes intoxicated with sweet perfumes that the wind seems to be wafting to her and only her. With a single scoop of her spade she breaks into the earth and all at once, the air which before smelled sweet, now seems to have mixed with a smell of soil and worms. She begins the day, one scoop after another, after another...
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