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GRA202_midtermreview - GRA202 Midterm Review What is...

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GRA202: Midterm Review What is Graphic Design: Using Pictographic & Typographic elements to create an effective message with meaning Elements Physical (tangible): Shape Space - Trapped space: around elements - Counterform: within counters of letters - Working white: white on purpose - Leftover space: unrealized potential Line - Contour: outline, edge - Horizontal: calm - Vertical: some movement - Diagonal: lots of movement - Less colour, more lines = better effect - Gesture drawings: lines used to create movement - Crosshatching: illusion of 3D, creates areas of value Texture  - Impression of depth, surface quality Type Conditional (rely on physical elements): Colour Value - Light & dark to create depth Size - Externally imposed Volume - Space held by 3D object
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Principles Unity Movement Balance Emphasis Gestalt Principle White Space Figure/foreground relationship: a figure defines the space, and vice versa Parameters: define position, size of space To activate background use Bleeds Stable Figure/Foreground - Figure in front - Centred object disregards background Reversible Figure/Foreground - Foreground and background in balance - Focus can be on either Ambiguous Figure/Foreground -
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