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HW Assignment 5 - Assignment #5 Monday 12:00pm discussion...

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Assignment #5 Monday 12:00pm discussion 07 November 2005 Questions for Critical Thinking, Ch. 17, p. 541 2. Often, employers put a high amount of weight on the interview portion of employee job selection. This is for good reason. Frequently, a person is much different on paper as he or she is in person. Résumés have the ability to reflect a person in much different lighting than an interview can. A job applicant can write his or her résumé so that it reflects him or her well, telling of all of the tasks they have accomplished, etc. They often have the ability to “play up” their previous job titles, education completion, experience, and even personal traits. On the contrary, an applicant can prove to be unpromising on paper, with little experience in the field into which they are applying. Interviews have the ability to neutralize the playing field and provide a second form of evaluating a potential employee. An interviewee can be assessed not just on his or her accomplishments, but on their character and how well they fit the organization. Behavioral structured interviews can demonstrate how the applicant would respond in actual situations that would occur in the specific job for which they are applying. This allows for a more tailored selection process; the manager can easily see which applicants prove to be most promising for the precise tasks which they will be hired to perform. It is very important that an employee fit well in the organization in which they work, as this provides for better work performance among other things. The employee’s personality characteristics and personal values would ideally reflect those of the company, as this would provide for a good employee-organization fit – the employee would fit with the organization’s culture and image. The interview process is perfect for evaluating such a match, which is very
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HW Assignment 5 - Assignment #5 Monday 12:00pm discussion...

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