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Engl 149 - IA#00.

Engl 149 - IA#00. - may stop checking email on campus being...

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CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN LUIS OBISPO MEMORANDUM TO: ABC FROM: ABC SUBJECT: MONITORING EMAIL AND INTERNET USE DATE: 11/27/2006 Privacy is a valuable right that people enjoy in our society today. To begin electronic monitoring of email correspondence and Internet use at Cal Poly means to invade on those rights. On the other hand, monitoring emails and Internet use may be beneficial to the school as it adds a sense of security, reduces misbehavior, and increases productivity. While the benefits may sound appealing, the opposite may occur. Students may feel uneasy whenever using a computer on campus because they are being monitored. They
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Unformatted text preview: may stop checking email on campus, being afraid that their private matters may be exposed to school authorities. With invasion of privacy being highly unethical, the school should not begin monitoring email and Internet use. It definitely should not be implemented into our system, but if it does, it should only be done selectively when a student is reasonably suspected of abusing the use of email or Internet on campus. The school authorities should decide what they ultimately want for the school, and should take into consideration what the students have to say about the matter....
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