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ABC English 149 ABC IA #4 After reading the article, “Bike rage is all the rage on campus,” it is clear that the main audience is bikers on campus. The article has no visuals and that is what makes it less effective. There are several visuals I would suggest the journalist add. First, I think there should be a series of pictures near the heading that shows a busy road full of pedestrians and a bicyclist trying to maneuver his way through everyone else. In each picture, the bicyclist would do something wrong such as bumping into people or running
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Unformatted text preview: a stop sign. Next, there should be a chart somewhere near the middle or the end of the article that shows a percentage of bicycle-related accidents on campus each year. That would show the potential danger a bicyclist creates and readers might consider riding more safely. If those visuals do not work, or if there are not enough, I have a one last suggestion to make. A picture of the signs on campus that show the fine for riding bikes in walk zones is a good one....
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