Different Types of Blenders

Different Types of Blenders - The next type of blender is...

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Different Types of Blenders There are two types of blenders out on the market today. The first and most common type is the worktop blender, an upright stationary machine powered by electricity. They are often confused with the similar-looking smoothie maker, which blends fruits together to make a smoothie. The difference is that a blender is used to mix foods and liquids and to cut them up. The worktop blender is basically a container that can be tightly sealed with a blade assembly inside it that is used to mix the contents.
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Unformatted text preview: The next type of blender is the handheld blender, also called the immersion blender. As its name suggests, it is handheld and immersed into any sort of container such as a pot or a bowl. Its main purpose is to puree soups or sauces. Like the worktop blender, the immersion blender contains a blade assembly powered by an electric motor. Its long and thin body and powerful motor make it an easy-to-use appliance that does not take up much space in a kitchen....
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