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CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN LUIS OBISPO MEMORANDUM TO: ABC FROM: 123 SUBJECT: VISUALS, INSTRUCTION MANUAL DATE: 10/27/2006 The instruction manual I have looked at is for a multi-channel audio/video receiver. Before actually looking at the manual, I expect there to be a visual of all the parts that come with the receiver and a description of the functions of those parts. Next, there will be a diagram of the rear side of the receiver where all the connections will be made. There will be many examples of different devices that can be connected to the receiver such as DVD players, CD players, or even computers. For each device shown, there will be a diagram showing where to plug in the input and output cables to and from the receiver. Lastly, there will be a safety precaution page full of pictures of what the user should not do with the receiver such as placing it directly exposed to sunlight. After looking at the manual, all of the visuals I expected to be on the manual were there
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Unformatted text preview: except for the visual of the parts list, which instead is replaced by a parts list in text. These visuals make it easy for the user to know where to connect cables to and from the receiver. In addition to the visuals I have expected to be on the manual, there are more visuals that deal with the other components in the parts list. An example would be the remote control. There are over ten figures of the controller, each describing a different function on it. These visuals are good because the receiver has many different functions that a lot of users may not know how to use and it allows for a more efficient way to control the system. Finally, I do not think that the visual of the parts list is a critical component for the manual. I agree with the company’s decision to exclude that visual from the manual because a text list of the parts is good enough for this purpose....
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