Engl 149 - IA#7.

Engl 149 - IA#7. - shown in the figure below. The platter...

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CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN LUIS OBISPO MEMORANDUM TO: ABC FROM: ABC SUBJECT: DESCRIPTION OF HARD DISKS DATE: 11/13/2006 A hard disk, commonly known as a hard drive, is a device found in nearly every computer. It stores all the data from pictures to music to documents that the computer uses in series of bytes. A byte is a measure of the amount of data used in a file. Hard disks were invented in the 1950s. They began as large disks around 20 inches in diameter and having a capacity of several megabytes. Nowadays, the standard hard disks found in homes are 3.5-inch disks fitted into a rectangular aluminum container measuring approximately 1 inch in height, 4 inches in width, and 6 inches in length. They weigh less than 2 pounds and have capacities up to 750 gigabytes. The two main pieces that make up a basic hard disk are the arm and the platter as
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Unformatted text preview: shown in the figure below. The platter serves as the area where the data can be stored. The arm is used to control the heads that read and write data onto the platter. The arms need to move quickly and accurately. An electronic board controls its movements. To increase the capacity on a hard drive, multiple platters and arms may be added considering there is enough space. A typical action from the hard disk would be sending information to a computer. The computer sends a message to the hard disk electronic board that a certain piece of data needs to be extracted. The electronic board gives the command to the arm to read the data stored on the platter. Once the heads on the arm reads the data, it sends the information back to the board, which sends it to the computer....
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Engl 149 - IA#7. - shown in the figure below. The platter...

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