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CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY, SAN LUIS OBISPO MEMORANDUM TO: ABC FROM: ABC SUBJECT: USABILITY ANALYSIS OF SPECIFICATIONS DATE: 11/06/2006 For my analysis of specifications, I chose an instruction set for the assembly of a mechanical kangaroo. Overall, I thought the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. The problems I had while assembling this model were that there was a piece missing and that some of the parts didn’t easily fit into the other parts. But that had nothing to do with the directions, which were full of images that guide the user where each part goes. Having words supporting the images also helped the directions become
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Unformatted text preview: more usable. While I thought the document was very good, there were some things I would suggest the writers to improve. First, instead of having the parts list at the end, I would place it in the beginning. Users usually look at documents from the front to back. It would make sense to put the parts list in the front so the user has an idea of what parts he or she will be working with and if there are some parts missing. Another thing I would do is get rid of the Japanese text by splitting the instructions into two sets; one in English, and the other in Japanese. It will make the directions easier to read for both groups....
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