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HW 4 answers - insurance as well as other financial...

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1. My JASPER type is type #4: Motivator (a) My leadership style is empowering (b) My work personality is rousing (c) My universal skills are multi-tasking (d) My work style is questioning The other eight JASPER “types” are: (1) Thinker (2) Dynamo (3) Visionary (5) Advocate (6) Organizer (7) Mentor (8) Achiever (9) Individualist 2. I decided to look under sales at the Insurance Sales Agent page because this coming summer, I will be performing this work for Aflac. Job outlook for this company is expected to be average job growth (13%), but this may increase or decrease because as it says on the page, the demand is dependent upon the volume of sale of
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Unformatted text preview: insurance as well as other financial products. That being said, the DOL expects the sales of health insurance to rise sharply. However, job prospects are unsure because of the growing number of non-English speaking immigrants as well as the idea that traditional securities brokers may begin to sell insurance policies. The biggest reason that the DOL considers this a stable job market is best summarized in the last paragraph of the page: “Most individuals and businesses consider insurance a necessity, regardless of economic conditions, so agents are not likely to face unemployment because of a recession.”...
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