paper 3 - Much progress has been made in recent years. The...

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The most progress has come in the form of communication. It is widely known that there is the capacity to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, and the drop of a hat. However, not only are we able to talk to people instantly anymore, we are also able to see things going on in other countries almost instantaneously, i.e. webcams. Travel today is also much more on-demand. Comparably cheaper than it has ever been, people today can fly to anywhere in the world in hours, as opposed to weeks. How people buy goods has even changed. People in one corner of the globe sell and buy items from people in another part of the globe. In other words, the old barriers that used to exist between the countries, artificial (communication) and official (access by travel) alike, are beginning to dissolve. Because of this, there are numerous multinational organizations, such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and the United Nations. These organizations take it upon themselves to look out for the well-being of the entire globe, regardless of creed or race. Some of these corporations oversee the economic health of the world. Others are responsible for the human rights of all of the people of the on the planet. However, while these organizations look out for the interests of the entire world, the member countries respect the sovereignty of their member-states. Each member is able to make up its own laws, and operate to their discretion, regardless of what the organizations say. So while the members of the organizations are said to be working for the well being of all of the people of the planet, it is still possible for its members to look out for its interests and its interests alone. This has been seen many times over the course of the
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paper 3 - Much progress has been made in recent years. The...

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