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world poli pap 1

world poli pap 1 - The world today is a tumultuous place...

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The world today is a tumultuous place. Many states are at war with one another, and other states are at war with non-state powers such as terrorist organizations. However, it seems as though the world has been constantly at war since the beginning of World War II. After the Axis Powers had been defeated, the world kept at war during the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union were the main player and were, by far, the two most powerful states the world had ever known. Despite the power it held, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, leaving the United States alone on top, and they were loved by all for destroying communism. However, it seems today, only fifteen years later, as though most of the world has an unfavorable view of the United States. While most of the world holds this view, many of the people inside of the United States sit and scratch their heads wondering why. Is it because the rest of the world is jealous of the power that, as they believe, the United States alone wields? Or perhaps is it because in today’s global society, there are so many other states vying for power… the power that United States once shared with the Soviet Union? The majority of Americans tend to believe it is the former because they believe that they are the best. It’s a value that has been instilled in them since they were children playing Little League Baseball. You hear it from professional football coaches: “You play to win the game.” Considering this, it’s only natural for Americans to believe this is the reason the entire world seems to hates them. Is America really alone at the top though? An ever-growing trade deficit to China and the emergence of the European Union may suggest no. Europe is,
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supposedly, not a continent of single states acting by themselves anymore, but a large conglomerate of states working in accordance with one another for the benefit of Europe as a whole.
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