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Right to privacy—good reason for probable cause. But how good a reason should have to be provided? Privacy vs. Bringing Criminals to Justice and Protecting the innocent potential victims of Crime Why is Privacy important? James Rachel article answers this but does not define privacy So what is privacy? And what does Rachels think privacy is? Privacy—something we have a right to. Control over what others know about you. What is the domain of privacy?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. There's a special set of information (“personal business”) that is what we have a right to keep private 2. Any info the person want to control 3. There are physical locations (home, car) any information in those is mine to control (Exception: info that it is harmful to others not to know) What makes something "your own business"? (#2) Rachels’ idea—control to who has access to us and who knows what us....
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