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Study Guide for SP 103 FINAL EXAM A. Reflexive Verbs: Be able to recognize if a verb is being used reflexively or not. B. Ser and estar: Be able to create short sentences using these verbs with adjectives. C. Preterite and imperfect: Be able to select which is appropriate in a given context. D. Indicative (regular present tense) vs. subjunctive: Be able to tell whether indicative or subjunctive is
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Unformatted text preview: required in a given sentence and be able to conjugate accordingly E. Culture: Be able to answer questions based on the “comentarios culturales” sections of the book F. Reading section: Read a short passage and answer questions about it. G. Composition: Be prepared to write a short composition using the subjunctive, commands (Ud./Uds) and the future tense. Exact topic to be given at exam time....
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