PHL 226 Test 2

PHL 226 Test 2 - LH N->B

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LH N->B<PL. PL shows danger if one does not take precaution. Accounts for how likely the negligence would lead to harm/the accident would occur if the accused didn’t take precautions. Hand also considers how great a loss was reasonable to expect accident to inflict. How do you determine what #’s? Whne is one’s precautions suff. Enough? Trespassers Some care, not as much as a legitimate lawful visitor. Only to the extent of reasonably making effort to prevent trespassing (intentional or not) or interrupting it if it is underway. We should only treat them with ordinary humanity. If C is not a cost someone should suffer for trespassing, owner of property ought to take measure to prevent C from happening. Assigning $ value, devalues. Owner, more careful, more attractive. Own Well-being I think this follows but only in limited ways. The tort system should be such that people are assigned the proper degree of responsibility for what happens to them, and are thereby motivated to act with appropriate care
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