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Free Willism Introspection C.A. Campbell – Determinism is false according to introspection. Look within and realize you perform some actions freely. What is it about introspection that says we cannot rely on it alone to determine the outcome. “Sometimes we can’t perform certain actions because we don’t allow ourselves to do so.” Indeterminism does not equal Free Will 1. When I introspect, I do not discover a sufficient causal condition for my behavior. To prove free will you have to have evidence for causation… which can’t be done.
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Unformatted text preview: P 366 Left column 3 rd paragraph. First there is the immediate powerful common sense intuition shared 1. Common sense beliefs should be assumed true unless true is positive evidence in the contrary. 2. My belief that I have free willthat at least some of my actions are up to meis a common sense belief. 3. There is no positive evidence that I lack free will. 4. It is reasonable to believe that free will is correct....
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