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PHL 100 11-6-07

PHL 100 11-6-07 - 2 If 1 is true then you thereby(tacitly...

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Divine Right Theory Someone S has authority over others, if and only if God endowed S with the right to dictate and enforce rules of conduct. Epistemological concern. If unscrupulous, they could lie about God giving them the right to rule. Potential for corruption. N is the natural law = N is the set of commands issued by God. NL – an action is morally obligatory if and only if its performance is required by the natural law. Locke’s Legal Theory is what we call Classical Liberalism. Classical Liberalism – A government is just/right/appropriate, if and only if it uphold the laws to which its citizens have contracted (in order to protect their individual rights). Capitalism – 1. You benefit from the social order established and enforced by a certain set of laws.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. If 1 is true, then you thereby (tacitly) consent to obey those laws and those charged with engorcing the laws have the authority to do so. 3. You consent to obey the laws and those charged with inforcingg them have the authority to do so. (1,2) 4. If 3, then the government has the authority to uphold those laws. (i.e. CL is correct) 5. CL is correct. (3,4) Today’s liberals (Dem.’s) Criminal Laws - Yes Gov. Econ. Int. - Yes Soc. Prog - benefit - “Private Morality” - Today’s conservationists (Rep.’s) Criminal Laws -Yes Gov. Econ. Int. - Fewer than Dem.’s Soc. Prog - benefit - “Private Morality” - Libertarians (CL) Criminal Laws - Yes Gov. Econ. Int. - Free-market (virtually none) Soc. Prog - benefit - “Private Morality” -...
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