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Independence and accountability: -Judicial Selection Judges are appointed, reappointed, election/retention. -How does this fit in the larger scope of democratic values? Elections Provide a means of holding judges accountable. Judges are vulnerable to public opinion on their decisions. Con: This forces judges to take ideological positions because they are subjected to public whims. (Or better said, judges may become partisan/ideological. Increases accountability but decreases independence (Free from politics)
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Unformatted text preview: Independent judge/court is free from politics. Rose Bird Appointed March 1977 Retention November 1978 (Public confirmation of appointment) LA Times Story – Tanner case – use gun during committing a serious crime, you go to jail. Reduces discretion. CA SC upholds probation for 1 st time offender The case against Bird: 8 yrs, 61 cases, 58 overturned death sentences, the other 3 she dissented....
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