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Privacy is control over information about you. The right to privacy is a right to have that control. (The shameful, embarrassing and what would be damaging to have known is included in your privacy.) According to Rachels… there's more to it than that. Grades? There is an area of human life that is inherently private. (private matters) or The individual defines what is private. Rachels mostly writes about the value of privacy. What is the value of privacy? We have an array of relationships that are at least partly defined by degree of disclosure. (Student and Professor shouldn't discuss sexual life. That kind of information belongs in a relationship of more intimacy) Privacy allows us to have relationships of varying degrees of intimacy and to decide what form that part of life takes. Question from handout: how well does Rachels way of characterizing invasions of
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Unformatted text preview: privacy capture what might be objectionable about the police entering your apartment without a warrant? "In Plain View" 4 th amendment says no warrants shall be issued but upon probable causeparticularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. How specific? Street address or more specific? The description should be specific enough to limit the search to places that could be involved in the crime. Should they have to be more specific? i.e. the garage or den? They should only be able to search places where the evidence might be found. Think About: Should there be a plain view exception to the dotrine about acquiring a warrant? Should it only apply to what is discovered inadvertantly...
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