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* Psychology : the scientific study of mind and behavior. *there are similarities between mind and behavior but yet essential differences. *psychology: psyche + logos, where psyche means soul or butterfly and logos is the speech or word. *a lot depends on perspective for example: what would you see as you looked at different sides of a cylinder. Early Perspectives in Pysch…. *functionalism: how does the mind help us adapt to our environment? It is focused on how behavioral processes function-how they enable organism to adapt, survive, and flourish. *Structuralism: by introspection, can we discover the parts of our mind? It looks within and explainsthe interrelations within oneself. *Wilhelm Wundt opened the first pysch lab @ university of Leipzig in 1879 Contemporary Approaches to Pysch…
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Unformatted text preview: *Psychoanalytic approaches to pysch: unconscious aspects and psycho-sexual developments- Sigmund Freud “the unconscious is the psychical reality” *Behaviorism: only interested in observable behavior., disavows the mind john Watson B.F. Skinner *Humanism: should improve human welfare , disavows the study of smaller animals Carl Rogers *Cognitive Pych: (invention of the computer); the humans beings are info. Processors. How do we perceive and organize the sense of data in this world *Neuroscience: how does the brain work? What happens chemically and electrically as we think, sense, feel and problem solve? , How do drugs effect our minds? Methods of studying the mind: *survey, naturalistic observation, case study and experiments....
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