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Experiential Project 2 Time Management I had no idea my perspective of my time managing skills were so far off. As I filled in my log I started to see how much time I throw away on activities that hold very little importance to me, without even realizing it. I’ve noticed that I am all too aware of the time I force myself to work or study, and yet I pay no mind to how much time I put into mindlessly flipping channels or sitting in front of my computer. I was really surprised and a little ashamed when I reviewed my time log after the first day. I had spent nine and a half hours relaxing in some way and only two and a half on schoolwork, and that includes an hour-long class. I found that on average I tend to spend more time on activities that have no beneficial effect on me or that I just don’t care about than on the things I consider to be important. Another aspect that I must change is my tendency to put off the bulk of my studying until the day before. I slacked off far too much on Wednesday, and I had to pay for it on Thursday. I
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