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second bus. proj. summ

second bus. proj. summ - more person will start an 8-hour...

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At midnight, four people will be punching in for a 6-hour shift, and no one for an 8-hour shift. No one else punches in until 6:00 am, when 16 people arrive for a 6-hour shift. Then at noon, 2 people will begin their 8-hour shift. At 2:00pm, 18 people will start a 6-hour shift. Then at 4:00 pm, one person will start a 6-hour shift. At 6:00 pm, one
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Unformatted text preview: more person will start an 8-hour shift. At 8:00 pm, 2 people will start a 6-hour, and then 19 more will sign in at 10:00 for their 6-hour shifts. This will minimize costs to $10,440. All of the minimum worker requirements have been met and are binding....
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