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RNs - wrap it up too quickly When I go back a second time I...

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RN #3: pg. 244 Discussion and Writing Suggestions #1 For a forgetful procrastinator like myself, email is gift from the heavens. It saves all my important messages in a folder that I can never misplace and allows me to send and receive last minute files. Rarely am I mistreated by my email, but when I am it can be pretty bad. I once contracted a virus that deleted everything on my hard drive; my entire digital life was gone. I am always grateful for its convenience, but now I’ve learned to be suspicious of its potential damage. Pg. 39; #8 When I look back at my working folder I notice that the biggest improvements between my draft one and two are almost always in the introduction and conclusion. When I first start a paper I tend to jump right into the heart of the topic, and I’ll usually
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Unformatted text preview: wrap it up too quickly. When I go back a second time I find it much easier to write a clear, informative and flowing introduction since I already know the order if ideas that will follow. Similarly, when I go to re-write my conclusion in draft two it seems much easier to write a good conclusion that summarizes my overall opinion as well as the important aspects of the paper after I’ve had the chance to set it down for a day or two. I feel as though I’ve learned an important lesson in my writing style: my ability to notice and correct choppiness in my work, especially in my introductions and conclusions, improves once I’ve had a chance to set the paper down for while and return to it with a clear mind....
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