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project #1 - later it has evolved and sped up life but has...

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WRT 105-01 Project #1: “We’ve Got Mail… Always” Summary “E-mail doesn’t just collapse distance, it demolishes all boundaries. And that can be, depending on the moment, either a blessing or a curse.” Andrew Leonard explores the problems and benefits that email has brought in an effort to make that distinction. One could argue that it complicates life, wastes time, and provides an anonymous playground for perverts and con artists. Some argue that we have become too connected, but there’s a pro for every con. One could retort that e-mail is incredibly convenient, and allows them to manage both their personal and professional lives with unprecedented efficiency. Either way it has changed the world and was, oddly enough, completely unplanned. The idea of the Internet was born when scientists began developing a few computing centers that could receive information from the same source. Now 30 years
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Unformatted text preview: later, it has evolved and sped up life, but has given us the power to keep up. Hundreds of millions of people now have the power to instantly communicate with one another. It’s provided a medium in which all efforts and interests thrive, both the good and the bad. It has helped individuals communicate in spite of their physical limitations as well as provides an open forum for collaboration on all topics, but it also spawns enormous amounts of junk mail and harmful viruses. With all things considered, the distinction between it being a blessing or curse still cannot be made. There are times when it seems to bring us closer to our friends and family that we become very grateful for this technology, but on the other hand there are times it seems to invade our lives and expose us to all kinds of offensive material. It just depends on the situation....
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project #1 - later it has evolved and sped up life but has...

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