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intro - Dear Readers I've collected my favorite pieces of...

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Dear Readers, I’ve collected my favorite pieces of my writing over this last semester and included them in this portfolio. I feel they accurately represent my writing style as well as demonstrate the improvements I’ve made. I chose to include project 2 (the critique) largely because this paper included more of my personal opinion than any other, and I feel that I fully supported my stance with logic and examples from the article while allowing the paper to flow smoothly from point to point. Project 3 (the synthesis) is my favorite paper I’ve written this year. I deviated from the typical essay construction; instead of opening with and introductory paragraph, I chose to introduce the reader to an example that would later support the thesis of my paper. Afterwards I included what would be considered an introduction, but I feel that the order I chose improved the overall flow of ideas and am quite pleased with the final draft. It draws examples from numerous articles and essays to support a conclusion about human nature. I included RN #3 because of its style. It’s
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