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Ideas of leadership Term Paper - I deas o f Leader s hip T...

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Ideas of Leadership Term Paper Due: November 12, 2007 Term Paper: An evaluation of a scandal and how it relates to the leader’s leadership abilities. Thesis: Clinton’s affair with Monika Lewinsky did not affect his leadership abilities. Undoubtedly the most controversial scandal of the 90’s in America was the events that lead up to the impeachment trials of President Bill Clinton. On December 19 t h 1998 Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice for events that took place during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The two biggest problems Clinton faced during the scandal was the fact that he had sexual relationships with Lewinsky while married and in office and that he lied about it under oath. The relationship between Lewinsky and Clinton was not an issue that had relevance with Clinton’s ability to be an affective leader. His actions did not harm the America. The actions taken against him were far too severe. An investigation was launched on Clinton after Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit. During the investigation a phone tap revealed that Clinton had received a blow job from Monika Lewinsky. Bill Clinton denied full out that he had had intercourse with Monika Lewinsky under oath; he said “I did not have sexual relationships with that woman”. But based on the tapes from the phone tap the judge
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concluded that Bill Clinton had committed perjury. Bill Clinton later admitted publicly that his relationship with Monika Lewinsky was inappropriate. On December 19
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Ideas of leadership Term Paper - I deas o f Leader s hip T...

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