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Quiz#2 - d fluvial channels e both b and d f none of the...

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1. A detrital sedimentary rock in which all particles are about the same size is___. a. well-sorted b. graded c. well-rounded d. a conglomerate e. both a and b f. none of the above 2. A well-sorted medium quartz sandstone with some small-scale cross-bedding is characteristic of what environment? 3. Graded bedding is characterized by ___. 4. When sand and gravel are transported, their sharp corners and edges are worn by processes known as ___. 5. Carbonate rocks are principally formed in which depositional environment? a. deep-sea fans b. alluvial fans c. shallow, warm tropical marine waters
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Unformatted text preview: d. fluvial channels e. both b and d f. none of the above 6. Evaporite deposits are chiefly composed of which minerals? a. gypsum and halite b. calcite and chlorite c. limestone d. quartz and feldspar e. all of the above 7. Evaporite deposits form in which type of setting? a. in the deep-sea b. shallow marine shelf c. mudflat to tidal flat where sea-water periodically evaporates d. braided streams e. Aeolian sand dunes 8. True or False . Trough cross beds are distinctly characteristic a stream settings. 9. True or False . Graded-bedding is characteristic of turbidite deposits at the base of deep-sea fans. 10. Which of the following sedimentary structures are good paleocurrent indicators? a. asymmetric ripple marks b. mudcracks c. trace fossils d. sole marks (i.e. tool or scour marks) e. both a and d f. all of the above...
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