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#5 - Color We Mos-F noln'ceodoie o-Em $an deg“...

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Unformatted text preview: Color We Mos-F- noln'ceodoie o-Em $an deg“ - arguab‘tfi "fine. mos-Fr dIDWflflM-i— 105‘“ alamwh DEWOL ‘5 H116 m qwhfl mock arF-Porem-i-Toum Satm‘ation or Chroma m amoum- M" pertan+uje o in Q color m11k+1fi~ra 3 Value rake-five; mam-arms?) of darkness Q-G— oh coal-ow” H, “1.49%er + <15 wojua Tim A Law me o».- my value ”is veJFeWeok m as m +1“er Crag-ted— bf m1finj WEI LuH-‘fi whi‘wp— ' Shade Ox (39‘an m't-‘Wx. 0. 10m) Vofiufi Ts icflomn as Ck. shade m'xx hue. uni-rm 51¢.ch Tone A color" 941* middw, Ugh—LC :5 fiea‘qu'lj reféCW'EOL +19( 3 +on&_ flaminfi uni-PE v bln-CM— mi-Vm ‘nVJl. Complemntary Tm addifion 0-?- C)— Qompmmmmd Irma Irena-S CL CoWV‘ ' In fight, yield white light; in paint yields black . . “a“ V Color Mlxmg amwmj 4 61% rimmi- (1:14,th ,4—w1ei‘mw 3'6”!“ Primary Colors hwfié Wax-1* Gonna? be. darlveol or IQLWQ{Q_dL 'R‘Dvm 0mg D-‘Hnw hues Pigment a M+WTQ1 inhmfl'fi color d-o 0L. Pain/HF or am; Pamlfi, Garter/1H ‘— arm/Mai, economy-Colors Cobra Com. be. described 0L5 wwem wmbT‘fle-OL\ mew. whH'C Subtracfive color mixing mam“; paws Ban) Own“! +0.09 “was flow, Wk Haj‘rv‘r ov‘ blag}; p‘lgmmj— 0+ mlar awash 194+ ”an we anr we WOW”; N tr. ‘ ' ~ - - Bu aluau‘fi: 33:1? oébgrglemm-ko‘rfl _ hues 0(— we. * Sam/x9. “value Additive color mixing when semi T‘nol{v?d0\0~\ ““35 WW COME *9 fim‘ar Tw W brain Mixin com lamentary hues of e 1131 saturation will derive white 1i t Meaning of color mL—kmrod book. munok ‘ M 0-99. 1+ or d: w+ ‘nJE-Wmhm3 ...
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