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ARoutline - 1 Material Culture Artifacts Features...

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AR100 GREAT DISCOVERIES IN ARCHAEOLOGY  (PROF. ELIA) WHAT IS ARCHAEOLOGY?  Archaeology :  The systematic study of our human past, based on the investigation of  material culture and context, together forming the archaeological record. Goals of Archaeology : 1.  describe culture history 2.  reconstruct past lifeways 3.  explain cultural process 4.  conserve and interpret the past Culture :  The invented, taught, and learned patterns of human behavior.  The extra- somatic means of adaptation of a human group. "Culture" terms : culture history cultural process archaeological culture culture area cultural resources cultural heritage material culture popular culture Types of archaeology : prehistoric archaeology historical archaeology paleoanthropology Classical archaeology Egyptology Biblical archaeology
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industrial archaeology underwater archaeology BASIC CONCEPTS   Archaeological Record: 1.  Material Culture 2.  Context Elements of the Archaeological Record:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Material Culture Artifacts Features Structures Sites Typical site types : habitation ceremonial/public burial special activity underwater industrial 2. Archaeological Context Matrix Provenience (provenance) Association Principle of Association: an object is contemporary with the other objects found in the same archaeological deposit or level. Principle of Superposition: in any undisturbed sequence of layers, the bottom layer is the oldest. Context: the position of an archaeological find in time and space, established by measuring its association, matrix, and provenience. Associated Terms: stratum (a) stratigraphy/stratified/stratigraphic stratigraphic profile/section level deposit disturbance disturbed/undisturbed instrusion/intrusive primary/secondary context in situ ____________________________________________________________...
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ARoutline - 1 Material Culture Artifacts Features...

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