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INTERNAL COMMUNICATION NEUROTRANSMITTERS PNEUMONIC “Not All Dudes Enjoy Slutty Girls Neurotransmitter Nature of Effect Function/Characteristic Acetylcholine Excitatory - communication btw. motor neurons & muscles - voluntary movement - ↓ Alzheimer’s Dopamine Inhibitory - ensure smooth motor control - stabilizes brain communication - ↑ Schizophrenia, ↓ Parkinson’s Norepinephrine Excitatory - mood and arousal - role in depression Serotonin Excitatory - regulates sleep, dreaming, arousal, aggression - role in depression GABA Inhibitory - regulates anxiety Endorphins Excitatory - pain relief NEURONS Part of Neuron Function/Definition Soma - contains nucleus and chemical parts (main cell body) - creates action potential if enough stimuli form dendrite Dendrite Axon - transmits signals away from soma Myelin Sheath - made up of glial cells - insulates axon - speeds up transmissions Nodes of Ranvier - gaps in myelin sheath -axon is not insulated here Terminal Button (Synaptic Ending) - end of axons - contain vesicles which secrete neurotransmitters Synapse -gap between terminal buttons and dendrites - connects neurons Glial Cells: - provide structural support for nervous system - nourishment & waste management - fill in empty space
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PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM - made up of all nerves outside brain and spinal cord
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