Chapter 8,9,10,11 - Chapter 8 Gubernational Of or by the...

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Chapter 8 Gubernational. Of or by the governor. Plural Executive. An executive branch in which power and policy implementation are divided among several executive agencies rather than centralized under on person; the governor does not appoint most agency heads. Cabinet. A form of executive organization in which the top executive officials are appointed by and responsible to the chief executive. Succession. The constitutional declaration that the lieutenant governor succeeds to the governorship if there is a vacancy. Chief of State. The official head representing the State of Texas in its relationships with the national government, other states, and foreign dignitaries; the governor. Commander in Chief The executive official who is in charge of the state militia; the governor. Chief Executive Officer The top official of the executive branch of Texas state government; the governor. Chief Budget Officer The governmental official who is charged with preparing the state budget proposal for the legislature; the governor. Clemency The governor’s authority to reduce the length of a person’s prison sentence. Governor’s Message A message that the governor delivers to the legislature, pronouncing policy goals and budget priorities.
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Senatorial Courtesy A Texas Senate practice that requires the governor to preclear a nominee with the senator in whose district the nominee resides. Overreprresentation
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Chapter 8,9,10,11 - Chapter 8 Gubernational Of or by the...

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