Con Wal - Mart - My fellow Houstonians, Today I speak to...

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My fellow Houstonians, Today I speak to you in the name of the little people; the people who cannot defend themselves from the oppressive giants of society. These giants include the rich, the powerful, and the tyrannical that seek to destroy our very way of life. The giant I speak of today looks not only to oppress the little people, but to exploit them as well. Around the country Wal – Mart uses the poor and under privileged for personal gain. Their notions of low prices and better deals only fool tight budget shoppers into purchasing their goods. Wal – Mart plans to open one of their so called “Super Centers” in Houston’s 18 th Ward, hoping to gain a large profit at the hands of our city’s poor. My fellow citizens, I hope you can open your eyes and see that Wal – Mart only wants to hurt our fair city with their unlawful practices, their vendetta against small businesses, the us of gender discrimination, and tyrannical dominance over their employees. The issue of cheap labor sweatshops in Asia continues as a heated controversy. Companies who use sweatshops as a cheap source of labor take away working opportunities from hard working Americans. No corporation utilizes sweatshops more than Wal - Mart. Many of Wal – Mart’s products come from companies who use Asian sweatshops to manufacture their goods. Floyd J. McKay states in his piece Wal – Mart Nation: Race to the Bottom, “As jobs in America are lost to foreign sweatshops to feed the Wal – Mart engine, American workers are forced to accept jobs at lower pay, with bad working conditions. They are funneled to Wal – Mart’s promise of cheap goods, in effect patronizing the very companies that caused their economic misery.” This evidence further fuels the fact that Wal – Mart keeps hard working Americans out of work. With the building of a Wal – Mart Super Center here in the 18 th Ward, Wal – Mart will take
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jobs away from lower class Houstonians who desperately need the work. Along with the use of sweatshops, Wal – Mart constantly uses unfair and illegal
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Con Wal - Mart - My fellow Houstonians, Today I speak to...

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