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Unformatted text preview: OVIDIUS UNIVERSITY ANNALS ECONOMIC SCIENCES SERIES Volume XIII Issue 1 2013 EDITORIAL BOARD EDITOR in CHIEF: • Professor, PhD. Dãnuţ Tiberius Epure, Rector, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania EXECUTIVE EDITOR in CHIEF: • Professor, PhD. Elena Cerasela Spătariu, Dean, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania MEMBERS: • Professor, PhD. Paolo Andrei, Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy; • Professor, PhD. Stefano Azzali, Università degli Studi di Parma, Italy; • Professor, PhD. Grigore Belostecinic, ASEM Chişinãu, Republic of Moldova; • Professor, PhD. Maurice Chenevoy, l’Institute Universitaire Profesionalise, Universite D’Auvergne, Clermont 1, Clermont–Ferrand, France; • Professor, PhD. Jacky Mathonnat, L’Universite D’Auvergne, Clermont1, Clermont–Ferrand, France; • Professor, PhD. Ionel Bostan, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania; • Professor, PhD. Viorel Cornescu, University of Bucharest, Romania; • Professor, PhD. Victor Ploae, Vice-Rector, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Associate Professor, PhD. Costel Nistor, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Dunãrea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania v SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: • Professor, PhD. Ion Botescu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Professor, PhD. Elena Condrea, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Associate Professor, PhD. Sorinel Cosma, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Associate Professor, PhD. Ramona Gruescu, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Craiova, Romania; • Associate Professor, PhD. Marian Ionel, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Associate Professor, PhD. Simona Utureanu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Lecturer, PhD. Student Victor Jeflea, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania. EDITORIAL SECRETARIES (Secretary Editor, Translator, Technical Editor): • Lecturer, PhD. Cristina Duhnea, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Lecturer, PhD. Gabriela Gheorghiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Lecturer, PhD. Silvia Ghiță-Mitrescu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania. • Lecturer, PhD. Andreea-Daniela Moraru, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Lecturer, PhD. Cătălin Ploae, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Lecturer, PhD. Student Ionuț Antohi, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; • Teaching Assistant, PhD. Student Dorinela Nancu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Romania; vi TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I: International Affairs and European Integration Subsection: International Affairs 1. Ardelean Andreea, Burciu Andreea, Titan Emilia - The Influence of Quality of Life Indicators on Migration in Europe 2 2. Bălăşescu Florin Răzvan , Barac Dorina Amalia - Globalisation- Complex Network Of Socio Economic Energy Centers 8 3. Botiș Sorina - Aspects of International Banking Globalization 13 4. Burghelea Cristina, Dumitrescu Miron, Cristea Dan Gabriel - Analysis of Romania's Foreign Trade Policy 19 5. Culita Gica Gherghina - China and her Influence on the New World Order in the Context of the Nuclear Threats of North Coreea 24 6. Grigorut Cornel, Nistor Filip, Popa Catalin - Characteristics of Labor Supply in Shipping 29 7. Grigorut Cornel, Popa Catalin, Nistor Filip - The Contemporary Crisis and its Determinative Factors within Globalization Framework 33 8. Halep Maria - Reducing Public Debt in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis: Renewing with Financial Repression 37 9. Halep Maria - Monetary Policy Efficiency and Challenges Lying Ahead in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis 43 10. Kicsi Rozalia Iuliana - The Regionalism-Challenges on the Multilateral Trading System 49 11. Linca Aurora Costina, Stanciulescu Gabriela Cecilia Julieta, Bulin Daniel - Public and Private Sector Involvement in Medical Tourism Developing and Support 55 12. Lupu Iulia , Criste Adina - In the Spotlight of the Financial Globalization 59 13. Maruntelu Carmen Liliana, Dumitrascu Elena - Economics Students 63 14. Mitac Mirela Claudia - The Evolution Of Romania’ Foreign Direct Investment During The Current Crisis Period 69 15. Popa George Dorel - Figures of Speech in Legal Rhetoric 74 16. Popa George Dorel - Local Police in Romania 78 vii 17. Popa Suzana - The Cybernetic System of National Economy and Foreign Investment 82 18. Popa Suzana - The Theories of the Comparative and the Competitive Advantages in the International Trade 88 19. Săveanu Cristina - The Effects of Risk Events on the Efficiency of Financial Market 92 20. Stoian Andrei, Becherescu Radu - From Tulips to Black Swans - have the Financial Rules Changed? 97 21. Utureanu Simona-Luize - Strategy of Competitive Forces in the Air Transport 101 22. Virlanuta Florina Oana - International Investments, Comparative Analysis Romania-European Union 105 Subsection: European Integration 1. Andrieş Andreea - Challenges for ECB's Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis Period 112 2. Anechitoae Constantin, Buzanra-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina - From the National Cabotage to the “Blue Belt” 118 3. Anechitoae Constantin, Buzanra-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina - Elements of Maritime Labor Law 122 4. Apătăchioae Adina - European Financial Integration and the Recent Crisis 126 5. Avadanei Anamaria, Tomuleasa IoanaIuliana - Coordinates of a New European Banking Model 132 6. Bădoiu Mihaela Cătălina - The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Cohesion Policy 138 7. Brasoveanu Florica - Freedom of Movement of Goods, Persons, Services and Capital 143 8. Brasoveanu Florica - The Role of the Approval Procedure of Economic and Social Activities with Environmental Impact 148 9. Bucur Iulia Andreea - On the Economic Development of Romania as a Member of EU in the Frame of the Global Economic Crisis 152 - Migration in the EU- Between Brain Drain and Cheap Workforce Transfer 158 10. Burciu Andreea, Ardelean Andreea viii 11. Carp Lenuta - FDI Impact on CEECs Development under the EU integration 164 12. Ciobanu Carmen Liliana - Analysis of the Degree of Absorption of EU Funds, 2007-2013 170 13. Constantin Sanda - Gross Domestic Product and the Investment Percent in Romania and in the European Union 175 14. Criste Adina, Lupu Iulia - The European Project beyond the Financial Crisis 179 15. Damian Monica - Challenges of the National Bank of Romania’s Monetary Policy on the Road to Euro Area 184 16. Dârzan Mihaela - The Relationship between FDI and Convergence under the Current Evolution of the Global Economy. Aspects Regarding The New Member States. 190 17. Ghita Simona - An Analysis of the Energy Efficiency of the EU Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development 195 18. Herghiligiu Roxana - Operational Risk Disclosures in Hungarian Commercial Banks 200 19. Iluț Bogdan - European Banking Integration in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis: the Case of the New EU Member Countries 205 20. Larion Alina-Paula , Chirtoacă Natalia - The Social Law Rules Developed by the Council of Europe 211 21. Marinas MariusCorneliu - Trade Integration of the Central and Eastern European Economies with the Euro Area 215 22. Marinas MariusCorneliu - Business Cycles Synchronization with the Euro Area. The Case of CEE countries 220 23. Milea Camelia, Ailinca Alina Georgeta, Iordache Floarea - Aspects of Some Problems of the Euro Area Member States 226 24. Moldovan NicoletaClaudia, Corduneanu Carmen - The Incidence of Environmental Taxes on the Economic Competitiveness 232 25. Nedelcu Monica Letitia - The Liquidity of the Financial System and the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe – Is There a Solution? 238 26. Neguriță Octav - The Effects of Creating the European Union Bank, on the Banking System in Romania 244 27. Pana Elena Cristina, Nisulescu Ileana - Corruption, with Emphasis on Health System 250 28. Păiuşan Robert - Mihail Manoilescu, a Professor of the Polythechnic School of Bucharest 255 ix 29. Prada Elena - Economic Development and Migration in European Union 259 30. Roman Angela , Șargu Alina Camelia - Evolutions and Trends in the European Microfinance Market 265 31. Sandu Ioana - Moldova in the Eastern Partnership: Free Trade Attempts, Asymmetric Benefits 271 32. Şeitan Silviu-Marius - Administrative Perspectives Concerning the European Economic Relations 275 Subsection: Regional Development Strategies 1. Anghel Cristian, Rădulescu Corina, Toader Rita - Analysis Models of Local Development Stakeholders 281 2. Anghel Cristian, Rădulescu Corina, Toader Cezar - Strategic Aproach of the Cultural Environment from Baia Mare 287 3. Bulin Daniel, Bunghez Magdalena, Linca Aurora Costina - Social Responsability and Niche Tourism in Economic Development-Environment- Tourism Triangle 293 4. Corduneanu Carmen , Moldovan Nicoleta Claudia - The Production Factors’ Mobility and the Fiscal Competition: A Theoretical Overview 298 5. Dinculescu Elena-Silvia, Antonescu Mirela Eugenia - The CRM a Solution for the Banks Management 304 6. Dridea Catrinel Raluca - The Perspectives of Leisure Tourism in Romania Based on Mountain Tourism Infrastructure and Services 308 7. Epure Marcel - A Cultural Explanation For Japan’s Economic Performance, from the view Point of The General Power Theory 313 8. Gheorghe Lucian - Theoretical Considerations Referring to Law no. 10/1995 Regarding the Quality in Constructions 317 9. Gheorghe Lucian - Juridical Aspects Concerning Fiscality, Work Relations and Professional Training in the Field of Constructions 321 - An Analysis on Consumption Expenditure of Households at Territorial Level, Using Multicriteria Ranking Methods. Study Case: Romania 325 10. Ghita Simona, Manea Daniela x 11. Mașcu Simona, Burlacu Valentin, Cojocaru Diana - Harmonisation of Excise Duties on Energy Products and Electricity in Central and Eastern European Countries 330 12. Mihai Mihaela, Țițan Emilia - Are Education and Innovation the Paths to the Inclusive Economy? 336 13. Neacșu Gabriela, Dăneci-Pătrău Daniel - Current Requirements for the Quality of the Environmental Factor “the Water” in the Area of Romanian Black Sea Coast 341 14. Sabou Simona - Tourism in Maramureş, between Desire and Reality 347 15. Sarlea Mihaela, Manta Stefan George, Vaidean Viorela Ligia - The Exposure of Chinese Higher Education to the Development of International Education System 353 16. Smrcka Lubos, Colibasanu Oana – Antonia - Economic Aspects of the Aging Population. Case Study on the Czech Republic 359 17. Stignei Veronica Paşa - Local Government and Sustainable Economic Development 365 18. Stignei Veronica Paşa - Mathematical Analysis of the Incidence of Local Government Investments on Economic Growth in the Constanta county 371 19. Ulman Simona-Roxana - National Competitiveness and Its Measuring 376 Section II: Business Economy and Administration Subsection: Economy and Economic Informatics 1. Aivaz Kamer Ainur - Aspects of Romanian Education during 19902011, by the Principal Component Analysis 383 2. Aivaz Kamer Ainur, Vladuca Ion - The Estimation of the Students' Opinion Regarding a Certain Cosmological Model through Statistical Methods 389 3. Alzoubaidi Abdel Rahman , Prodan-Palade Doina , Petac Eugen - A Survey in Information Systems: Integral Part and a Strategic Partner for Good Corporate Governance 395 4. Andrusca Maria Carmen - Globalization 401 5. Asalos Nicoleta, Trandafir - The Evolution of Clusters and Competitiveness Raluca Andreea Poles in Romania and the Chances of Succcess of This Process 405 6. Asavoaei Alexandru 410 - Keynesian Realism and the Present State of Economic Science xi 7. Avram Costin Daniel - The Balance between Flexibility and Security in the Labor Market in Romania 415 8. Bozga Liviu, Mateescu Mihaela, Gheorghe Marian - IT Service Management- Key to Success in Business 419 9. Brinza Georgiana - Supply Chain Metrics 424 10. Carstea Claudia - Optimization Techniques in Project Controlling 428 11. Cherbeleata Iuliana, Gogoncea Ramona - The Real Problems of Mergers and Acquisitions 433 12. Cioban Costel-Ioan, Cioban Gabriela-Liliana - A World Of "Seniors" - The Effect Of The Crisis? 437 13. Ciobanu Dumitru, Vasilescu Maria - Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Neural Networks for Predictions 444 14. Condrea Elena, Sârbu Roxana, Rizea Raluca Daniela - Aspects Regarding Quality Assurance, Acreditation and Certification of Romanian Universities 450 15. Cosma Emil - Events and Macros in Microsoft Access 2013 455 16. Cosma Sorinel - Weber and Mises: Views on Bureaucracy 461 17. Cosma Sorinel - Leon Walras and Social Justice 467 18. Cristian Elena Raluca, Bărăgan Laura Georgeta, Moise Elena - The Emigrant ''Identity'' în the Current Global Context 473 19. Dimitriu Mihail - Controlling the Influence of Globalization on the Firm 478 20. Dobre Ana Maria, Caragea Nicoleta , Alexandru Ciprian Antoniade - R versus Other Statistical Software 484 21. Gheorghiu Gabriela, Fronea Ciprian Mihail, Brăiloiu Liviu - Externalities, Public Goods and Natural Monopoly as Market Failures and Their Implications for the Consumer 489 22. Gheorghiu Gabriela - Information Assymetries as the Main Source of Market Failure Affecting the Consumer 494 23. Holban Dana-Elena - Economic Issues in the Wind Energy Development at World and European Level 500 24. Horga Maria-Gabriela, - The Influence of Income Changes on the Ionescu Alexandra, Nancu Financial Performance of the Firm Dorinela 504 25. Ilie Constantin, Ilie Margareta, Bujdoveanu Aurica 509 - Analysis of the Tourism Influence Over the Employment and the Persons’ Income in the Constanta County Area xii 26. Iliescu Mihaela Elena, Stroe Andreea Mihaela - Consumers’ Behaviour on the Insurance Market 513 27. Ionescu Cristian - Investors' Perceptions and Financial Instability in the Emerging Countries 518 28. Ionescu Cristian - Current Account Deficit and Financial Instability in the Emerging Countries 523 29. Jeflea Victor Florin - Ways of Classifying Banking Customers Using Fuzzy and Crisp Algorithms 529 30. Jeflea Victor Florin - Cloud Computing Information System for Attracting Banking Sector Customers 534 31. Korneenko Olga , Doroshev Dmitry - Modern Trends in the Use of Information Systems in Trade Organizations 538 32. Lazăr Cristina Mihaela, Muhcină Silvia, Muhcină Despina - Cloud Computing for Small and Medium-Sized E-Commerce Businesses. An Overall Look on the Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing in ECommerce 541 33. Lupsa-Tataru Dana Adriana, Lupsa-Tataru Florin Razvan - Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy 545 34. Lupsa-Tataru Dana Adriana, Lupsa-Tataru Florin Razvan - Knowledge Management Evaluation. Comparative Study 549 35. Maftei Daniel, Albu Angela - The European and Romanian Wind Energy Investments Dynamics 553 36. Mateescu Mihaela, Suba Gabriela - Decision Support Tool to Testing and Trials laboratories 559 37. Moraru Camelia, Popovici - Effects of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth. Norina, Ștefănică Virginia An Analysis Based on Economic Literature 563 38. Neagu Olimpia - Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management within NGOs 568 39. Negoescu Gheorghe - The Entrepreneurship, an Actual Challenge for the Young Graduates of Higher Education Institutions 573 40. Oncioiu Ionica - Data Mining - an Instrument Managing the Knowledge Collected for the Enterprise 579 41. Paraschiv Dorel Mihai, Belu Mihaela Gabriela, Popa Ioan - Simulation Models in Economic Higher Education 584 42. Paraschiv Dorel Mihai, Cocuti Raluca-Elena - Eco-Innovation and its Contribution to Competitiveness 589 xiii 43. Parpandel Denisa - Elena, Gheordunescu Maria Elena, Gust Marius - Emerging Markets - “the Engine” of World Economy 595 44. Pascu Emilia , Milea Oana Maria , Nedea Petronela Sonia - Improving Customer Relations Through Mediation 601 45. Păcuraru Raluca Olguţa , Grecu Iulia - Using Blackboard Learn to Develop Educational Materials 605 46. Pivoda Roxana - Changing Labor Paradigms in the Contemporary Era 611 47. Pop Stanca Alexandra - A Parallel between Socialism and Cooperatism 616 48. Popa Florina - The Role and Importance of Services in National Economy 621 49. Postolache (Males) Daniela - Development of an Intelligent System Prototype Intended for Accounting in Forestry Entities 626 50. Răduț Carmen, Codreanu Diana-Elena - ERP Implementation and Integration in SMEs 632 51. Robu Maximilian Iosif - Implementing Cloud Computing Based Information Systems 638 52. Rogoza Mykola , Кuzmenko Aleksandra - The Method of Estimation of Development Potential of Trade Enterprises of the System of Consumer’s Cooperative Society of Ukraine 642 53. Sîrghi Nicoleta - The Evolutionary Perspective of the Firm 648 54. Stanica Nicolae Cristian - Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of SocioEconomic Systems 652 55. Şerbănescu Luminiţa, Ţaicu Marian - Usage of Business Intelligence Solutions for the Analysis of Deviations in the Use of the Standard Cost Method 658 56. Vancea Diane Paula Corina, Ploae Victor - Policy Action to Prevent Unemployment in EU and Romania 663 57. Văduva Cecilia Elena - Export Credits Insurance in the International Practice 667 58. Vidrascu Paula - Angela, Iacob Oana Camelia, Volintiru Ana Maria - Unemployment - The Global Issue of Contemporary World Economy 673 xiv Subsection: Marketing – Management 1. Aldea Roxana-Elena, Brandabur Raluca Ecaterina - Consumer Socialization of Children – Literary Review 679 2. Anastase (Badulescu) Ileana - Ensuring the Profitability, as an Essential Objective of Public Organization in Management 685 3. Asandei Mihaela, Gangone Andreea Daniela - The Hypermarket – A Solution to Develop the Romanian Retail 690 4. Balabanits Anzhelika, Minakova Iryna - Improvement of the Marketing Interaction based on Information Technologies 696 5. Balint Antoniu Ovidiu, Cristea Andrei Mihai, Niculescu Daniela Mihaela - The Applicability of the Behavioral Market Segmentation Theory in Transport Networks 702 6. Bilouseac Irina - The Deconcentration of Public Services in Romania 707 7. Boldureanu Daniel - Performance Indicators of Human Resources in Health Organization 712 8. Boldureanu Daniel - Quality Indicators Used in the Analysis of Health Managerial Performance 716 9. Borovykov Oleksandr - The Experience of Activity of National Service of Mediation and Reconciliation of Ukraine 720 10. Buşu Mihail , Cioacă Sorin - An application of the Kalman filter for market studies 726 11. Călin-Costin GeorgianaDelia - The Risk- an Element that Influences the Success of an Entrepreneur 732 12. Ciceo Andreea, Ionescu Andreea - A Critical Review of Service Quality 736 13. Ciobanica MihaelaLavinia - Strategic Capacity Assessment Action at S.C. Hervis S.A. During the Crisis 741 14. Ciobanica MihaelaLavinia - Management of Personnel Fluctuations at the CN Romanian Post 746 15. Ciorasteanu Gianina, Mihailescu Mariana - Online Marketing for Small Strategic Thinking Farmers in Organic Farming 752 16. Constandache Mihaela, Stanciu Anca-Cristina, Radu Steluta - The Analysis of the Total Quality Management effects in SC Cupidon SA from Saturn Resort and their Impact on the Organization Competitiveness 757 17. Dinculescu Elena-Silvia, Vilcu Anca - The Trends in Banking Management of Romania 763 xv 18. Dinu Gabriel - Models of Voter Bahavior 768 19. Dinu Loredana - A Study Regarding the Tourism of the Area Iron Gates 772 20. Dionisie Cristina - Exploiting the Agritourism Potential in the North East Region during the current Crisis 776 21. Drogomyretska Mariana - Employee Motivation Theories and their Applications in Modern Organizations 781 22. Grigore Claudia , Zanfir Adriana - Emotion Management in Health Care Services 786 23. Grigorescu Ad...
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