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Patrick Moran RTP paper 1 French Knight The County of Edessa, which was one of the first counties taken by Christians in the first crusade, is overran and taken by the Muslims in 1144. In response Pope Eugene III announced the call for a second crusade to take back and defend the Holy Land in the East. Like the first call made by Urban II indulgences were promised to all who took up arms in the name of God. “The Pope is confident and full of faith that God will protect the kings and their armies…he promised an indulgence or the forgiveness of sins for all those who have taken up the cross.” 1 At first, it was not highly supported but with the help of Bernard of Clairvaux the people were convinced to join. He spoke words like “Go forth confidently then, you knights, and repel the foes of the cross of Christ with a Stalwart heart. Know that neither death nor life can separate you from the love of God” 2 The second Crusade was led by King Louis VII of France and the German Emperor Conrad. They agreed to negotiate and work together during the crusade. The German forces marched ahead and suffered losses. A flash flood west of Constantinople as well as a surprise attack by the Turks hurt the German forces. After some difficulty, the combined forces made it to Acre. I am a French knight and I helped lead my army through battle. Once arriving in Acre we must prepare for the War council. The two main factions are German’s and like myself, the French, as well as other groups such as leaders from the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. There must be much discussion about the future and reasoning of a crusade
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rtp paper 1 - 1 Patrick Moran RTP paper 1 French Knight...

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