lowell girls - Patrick Moran December 16th 2006 US History...

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Patrick Moran December 16 th , 2006 US History until Recon. Sec D “Camelot on the Merrimack” question 2 With America still being a young, advancing nation, there were many attempts made by people to increase wealth and profit, the main being the attempts of Francis Cabot Lowell to industrialize America. He was born into a wealthy and highly regarded family where he gained respect by being a successful business man. He graduated from Harvard the same year Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, which may have influenced his goals. He surrounded himself with proficient industrialists and confident financers in order to raise capital for his plans. He used his connections to gain entrance to the cotton mills in England. Because he was an American he was not allowed to get information about the machinery designs, because of competition. He memorized as much as he could about the mills and dedicated himself to automating cotton production in America. After returning to America he made his first mill in Waltham Massachusetts, but his attempts to industrialize America first had to overcome multiple obstacles. Many rural New Englanders were well aware of the cotton production in Manchester, England, which was considered one of the foulest cities on earth. They understood how England’s cotton mills exploited their workers. They heard of hefty amounts of pollution the mill’s left to the city. The sky was dark day or night filled with smoke from coal; the rivers ran brown and the stench alone made it near impossible for a human being to live in the city. The housing was cold, cluttered, and lacked sanitation or ventilation. New Englanders knew the mills slowly killed thousands of half-starved and filthy orphans, who slept 8 to a room and worked endless hours with overseers who chained and beat them. The quality of life in Manchester was extremely low for the poor
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because of the cities terrible sanitation. The average life expectancy was 17 years old, and
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lowell girls - Patrick Moran December 16th 2006 US History...

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